A little bit of the history of photography

A little bit of the history of photography

The first photograph was taken in 1822, not preserved. The first photo is considered to be a photo called “View from the Window”. Color photography appeared in 1861, using three cameras with different color filters. Kodak’s DCS 100 camera, released in 1990, is considered the parent of digital cameras.

Many professional wedding photographers use digital cameras. But there are gourmets who prioritize film technology.

The happy smile of the bride, the tears of a grandmother blessing the young couple. How much painstaking work the photographer has to do not to leave indifferent contemplators of photos. Photography is not the end of the job. After shooting a wedding day that begins in the morning, sometimes it ends deep into the night. Spends power, time retouching photos so the newlyweds enjoy watching the moments of the holiday.

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