Dressage ceremony pros and cons

Dressage ceremony pros and cons

About offsite ceremonies I want to say right away that I’m writing and talking from the bell tower of the photographer and video operator. Outside ceremony for you and the guests is almost always better than a registry office, standing in a queue at the registry office, wait until you are called to the wedding conveyor belt, it is certainly a personal matter. It depends a lot on the number of guests and your own concepts, preferences. For your photographer, videographer here a lot of advantages when shooting, the most important is almost always smooth, even light. If the registrar’s office is spacious, all your guests fit in, the registrar’s office and its visit on the wedding day is a tradition that has been around for years and nowhere without it.

The exit ceremony, the advantages

First of all, you can nowhere in a hurry, all for you and only for you. By the way, there is nothing wrong with being late to the registry office, the main thing is not for 1-2 hours. Of course, depending on where and how you will have the ceremony, perhaps the place is rented only for a certain time, in this case it is better not to be late. When you arrive at the place of exit ceremony with your guests, there is almost always a buffet waiting for you, refreshments, everyone is happy everyone is relaxing and not waiting in line. Often all the exit ceremonies are held on the territory of hotel, restaurant in which you have booked a wedding banquet, it is very convenient to go to one place after the wedding walk and not in two.

Disadvantages of the exit ceremony

Here it all depends on the venue, the weather. In the summer, the sun is hot, so hot that guests may be reluctant to sit down and be present for 20-40 minutes in the heat. You may not be very comfortable or comfortable yourself. For photos and videos, sunny weather, the heat is not the best solution. The sun gives such a contrast in shadows, half the face in the sun, half in the shade and the flash and nothing else straight, can’t fix it. Make sure that your takeout ceremony, the arch, is placed in the shade, it will be much more comfortable for you, the guests, the photos and video will be much better as there will be natural even light.
Of course the exit ceremony has more advantages than just going to the registry office, consider this option necessarily when planning your wedding day.

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