How to celebrate the discharge from the hospital?

How to celebrate the discharge from the hospital?

It is very difficult to plan this event in advance, because childbirth can start earlier or later than expected and can be unpredictable, and everyone tolerates it differently. A new mother, after the difficult process of childbirth, is usually not up to the festivities.

That is why you need to prepare a discharge to your husband and close relatives, who will take into account all the nuances. First, you should call the maternity hospital and find out what time they are discharging. Then decorate the car and the room for mom and baby. Agree on a video or/and photos, the hospitals have so to speak “their” photographers and cameramen who are “on duty,” but you can invite outside parties. Do not forget to take from home, what he asked the new mom – it can be things in which she and the baby will be discharged. Some moms order a makeup artist and hairdresser at the hospital. Be sure to buy flowers for mommy, even if she says it’s unnecessary spending, she will be pleased. Stock up on champagne for the meeting people. You can hire a presenter to entertain guests in the waiting room while mom and baby coming down. The most unforgettable moment is baby swaddling for discharge, usually mom is already dressed and watching how the nurse swaddles her baby, and in the waiting room this process is broadcasted on TV and dad and close relatives are preparing for the meeting. Then the nurse hands the baby over to the new father. Mommy is presented with flowers. All accompanied by cheerful children’s music.

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It is very important to capture this moment – believe me, this video will be viewed more than once with tears of happiness in your eyes. Then you can organize a five-minute performance at the door of the maternity hospital as a surprise. And by cars. Celebrate usually at home, as the baby at first a lot of sleep, he needs privacy. And mommy will be tired by this time. Feast – a festive dinner, pre-prepare grandmother, usually lasts not long. If not transferred to another day, when the child will be bigger.

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